Aisha’s work brings together the disciplines of faith and science through the form of contemporary, conceptual art.

The narrative of Aisha’s paintings unfold in a series of layers. Before she even starts to put paint onto canvas she has already worked through preparatory layers, the most important of which is to develop the initial source of inspiration – her research for every series of work she embarks on. As this research provides layers of discovery and understanding, so the painting itself is built up in a series of layers, with revelations expressed through the varied realisation of colours, processes and techniques in each successive layer.

The expansion of colour, which is determined by the many tonalities, span across every canvas. Her paintings exude colour, calmness, serenity and harmony, all of which reflect a contemplative form. She applies painterly techniques which are paramount to the picture plane that she creates.

Her work has evolved over the past decade and she now works in various disciplines including painting, printing, drawing and installations.